Effective ads to promote iPhone FaceTime, featuring a kiss between adult stars

Here is a great way to advertise iPhone FaceTime, the ads can catch the eye attention of the users, Apple executive and potential FaceTime fan.

The first porn service to target iPhone 4?s video chat feature FaceTime is betting that you do. Here iP4Play is promoting itself with a kiss between adult stars Kagney Linn Carter and Natalia Romero in this video.

In the video, after mocking the current wholesome, family-oriented iPhone ads, the pair bra-and-pantie clad blondes are induced to smooch for a client, a dude in a polo shirt — Morgan Grimes’ older brother? I can say that’s quite different style of promoting ads for iPhone but this might upset little bit
to Apple as showing of porn-free device this way.
According to CoM editor-in-chief Leander Kahney has declared the ad “creepy”

iP4Play charges $4 a minute to chat live with a video vixen and claims some 1,000 satisfied clients in the first week of operation. Callers pay via credit card for time increments of 5, 10, 20 or 30 minutes and they’ll throw in a five-minute freebie on Mondays for new clients, subject to availability.

FaceTime brings portability and convenience to virtual cavorting and it’s definitely easier to lock yourself in a bathroom than get your groove on in front of a 27-inch iMac screen. FaceTime is an iPhone 4-only videoconferencing service that works over Wi-Fi. Both parties need iPhone 4 for it work.


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