Eight Financial Apps To Plan Your Budget

We all have a family budget, adhering our desires and financial needs. Some people plan budget by doing research on the prices of essential commodities, some do it on the basis of salaries they receive and some do it on the basis of income, profit and revenue that they are earning from their business.

Different reasons to save and plan the expenditure of money call for different ways to plan how you want to use your money. Here are eight apps that help you with understand what is going on the world of stock markets, shares and currency so that you can plan the use of your money in a better way. All of these apps are free. So you can try any of them or all of them.

FX Trader Magazine

1. FX Trader Magazine
Category: Finance
Maybe you are familiar with FX Trader as a financial magazine for currency traders. It provides reports from the world of macroeconomics to foreign investors. This app helps you subscribe and read that magazine. Click here to download.

Stock Watch Lite

2. Stock Watch Lite
Developer: Todd Barnes
Category: Finance
You can use this app to track markets and your portfolio. This app keeps a track of your investment. With Stock Watch Lite, you can keep an eye on your favorite stocks as an investor. You can also track shares, bonds and mutual funds with this app. Click here to download.


3. AAAStock
Category: Finance
AAAStock is has information and quotes on real-time stock. With this app, you can get the news stock, bonds, shares, mutual funds, ETFs and more. Click here to download.


Bank Balances

4. Bank Balances
Developer: Imobile applications Ltd
Category: Finance
Cooney Carey is firm of charted accountants. They have created this Bank Balances app to help you in keeping a track of your spending habits. This app also gives your useful information about your expenditure and income. You can track bank accounts, credit cards and bank loans with this app. Click here to download.

Tony Gray Lite

5. Investment Wisdom of Tony Gray – Lite Version
Seller: Minh Nguyen
Category: Finance
This app sheds light on the finance related wisdom of Tony Gray. It also features quotes from Tony Gray’s book “A Thousand Miles From Wall Street”. Click here to download.


Forbes Lifetime Financial Planning

6. Forbes Lifetime Financial Planning
Seller: Forbes Digital
Category: Finance
The Forbes Lifetime Financial Planning app helps in shaping a reasonable approach to spending and saving over time. This app focuses on your living standards and spending so that you can live comfortably now while saving for retirement. Click here to download.

Cashbook Lite

7. Cashbook Lite
Seller: Cheolhyun Wang
Category: Finance
Cashbook Pro is an app for easy and simple cash management. This app can keep your record of money received and paid out. It covers three paydays, like cash, credit card or bank account. Click here to download.


Salary Rate Calculator

8. Salary Rate Calculator
Seller: Canny Technologies (Hyderabad) Pvt.
Category: Finance
Salary Rate Calculator is an app that can convert and compare hourly rates with annual salary. This calculator can help you to know in any moment how much you are going to make for monthly and yearly, by entering hourly rate and no. of hours worked (based on time sheet). Click here to download.

So did you find these apps useful. Which of these apps did you like most. Post your comments.

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