Setting Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts In iOS 5 [TUTORIAL]

Are you looking for a procedure that can make it easy to to insert Emoji icons into a text message, email or iMessage? It can be time-consuming, frustrating and tiresome to switch between the normal keyboard and the Emoji keyboard, navigating to the emoticon that you are looking for and then switching back to the normal keyboard to resume typing. However, there is a method that can enable you to use Emoji much more efficiently with some keyboard shortcuts in iOS 5.

The video shared above shows the demonstration and we will explain the procedure to set the shortcuts.

Before beginning this procedure, you need to enable Emoji keyboard from within the Settings app.

STEP 1 – You should start with tapping the “Settings” app on your Home screen.

STEP 2 – Now, tap General settings.

STEP 3 – Scroll down and tap Keyboard.

STEP 4 – Tap International Keyboards.

STEP 5 – Tap “Add New Keyboard”.

STEP 6 – Scroll down a bit. You will see the option for Emoji. Tap it.

After going through these six steps, your keyboard setup will allow you to switch over to the Emoji keyboard when you tap the small globe next to the “123” button.

Emoji Keyboard

Now you need to setup your own custom keyboard shortcuts for emoticons now that you have the Emoji keyboard enabled. Follow this procedure:

STEP 1 – Tap the “Settings” app on your Home screen.

STEP 2 – Tap “General settings”.

STEP 3 – Scroll down and tap Keyboard.

STEP 4 – At the very bottom of the Keyboard settings pane, tap “Shortcuts”.

STEP 5 – Tap the “+” button in the upper right-hand corner.

STEP 6 – In the Phrase field, call up the Emoji keyboard (see the picture down below for instructions). Select your desired emoticon.

STEP 7 – Input the specific shortcut that you would like to use for the corresponding emoticon.

Emoji Keyboard

You did it. That was the procedure set up Emoji keyboard shortcuts. Did you find it easy to do? Post your feedback below.

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