Employees Rate Apple In Ten Best Companies

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Apple is in top 10. It is in the top 10 list of the best companies to work for, competing with tech giants like Facebook and Google, according to a new employee survey.

The survey was carried out by Glassdoor.com. It released the results of Employees’ Choice Awards. Apple received a rating of 3.9 out of 5. Last year, Apple was in the Top 20th position.

Consulting firm Bain & Company was at the top, followed by McKinsey & Company. Facebook, which was No.1 last year, slipped to third place with a score of 4.3, while Google was in the fifth position with a score of 5.0.

Bain employees told Glassdoor that the sense of teamwork at the company made it the best company to work for. Facebook employees said that they enjoyed the deep “entrepreneurial environment” of the company.

Glassdoor had used a 20-question company survey to determine employees’ attitudes on “Career Opportunities, Communication, Compensation & Benefits, Employee Morale, Recognition & Feedback, Senior Leadership, Work/Life Balance, and Fairness & Respect” for over 65,000 firms.

Source: Apple Insider

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