Enabling Passbook In iOS 6 [TUTORIAL]

Passbook for iOS 6

This is a tutorial for developers as currently only developers have the right to use iOS 6. One of the most intriguing features of iOS 6 that that Apple announced at WWDC was the new Passbook application.

This app is essentially Apple’s first go at a digital wallet.

Unfortunately, Passbook is broken in the developer beta — it is just a splash screen. So there is no way to play with it. That is, unless you can follow these few easy steps. But before you proceed, we want to inform you that these steps may have been tried and tested but due to some unknown reason, if you fail to achieve the desired result, then The Apple Bites will not be responsible for that. You are doing this at your own risk.

Now you may proceed with this procedure.

All that you need for this tutorial is an iPhone on iOS 6 Beta 1 because this procedure has been tried on iOS 6 Beta 1. Last month, Apple released iOS 6 Beta 2 update that broke Passbook’s Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). However, you can still try it.

STEP 1 – Launch Safari on your iOS 6 device and visit passsource.com. This website will allow you to create Passbook passes, for free.

STEP 2 – You will see several fields where you can customize the card’s information. Or you leave everything as default, and press Create straightway.

STEP 3 – Once you tap Create, a preview of the pass will pop up. Press the Add button in the top right hand corner, and then open Passbook. Voila!

Obviously, the passes are not usable or anything. But it feels good to play around inside the application. Following video shares more insights with you:

It remains to be seen whether companies would be able to use it or not.

What are your thoughts about Passbook? Share with us.

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