End to DVD Writing Dilemmas

DBBA_iPhone_3G-1It happens to me all the time – clueless how much stuff would fit in or how much the video should be compressed so that the quality and quantity is balanced? I’m not good with numbers nor I’m good at any of the technicalities of DVD burning. These are the reasons I have had to make many of my DVDs as Tea-coster

Recently I got this app, just perfect for me – DVD Bit Budget Assistant app for iPhone. It helps you to forecast all you DVD writing dilemmas. DVD Bit Budget Assistant makes it all easy, assists to work with all standard DVD and common content format.

It uses an interesting meter interface for you to see how the resulting content would be in size and quality. For film professionals and student it’s really a cool tool to have, and for novice like me.

Bit Budget Assistant app also contains a theory section, which has a proper description (geeky stuff) of how this app works and the whole budgeting fundamental. DVD Bit Budget Assistant is a real swift and quick tool from EditGroove Software and is for special sale at $1.99

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