Enjoy The Action And Adventure With Traveler Adventure [REVIEW]

Traveler Adventure

Last time, I enjoyed so much excitement when I played Prince Of Persia. Before that, I enjoyed Legend King.

Now this game Traveler Adventure blew my mind. This is an awesome game you should play this game if you like action-oriented and adventure-oriented games.

Like Prince Of Persia, Traveler Adventure is also about a warrior (known as Traveler in this game) to enter a castle guarded by evil mystical warriors and save a kidnapped princess who is in the captivity of a powerful evil wizard.

Traveler Adventure Game iPhone

Traveler Adventure has been created by Titan Games, a company that aims to create action-oriented and fun oriented games.

The story of this game is set in a medical kingdom. In the story of this game, Princess Isabel, the reigning king’s only daughter and heir to the crown, has been abducted from her suite at the king’s palace, during the spring festivities. Staff witnesses only saw an agile hooded man exiting the princess quarters. Now the king has asked you to be the hero and find the princes. You are on a mission. In the castle where princess is hostage, there are dozens of enemies and many dungeons with hidden dangers.

Traveler Adventure Game for iPod touch

There are many items to collect. You will find treasures to collect, keys to unlock doors, enemies to confront whom you will fight to save the princess.

In the first version of Traveler, you can play either the first episode of the campaign, where you are called to rescue the kidnapped princess and return her to the king, or you can play the wizard dungeon and try to escape its stronghold.

Traveler Adventure is over 60 levels, wealth of weapons and spells, and dynamic game environment. It offers an engaging and fun play for both new players and experienced ones.

Traveler Adventure Game for iPad

In this game, the hero will need to navigate his way through the different wizard layers, trying to find the exit to the next layer. In order to reach the layer target, you will need to move smartly and kill or avoid the wizard minions. By locating the keys, you can unlock doors and collect treasures on your way.

There are multiple control options for the game, including touch, tilt and joystick/control pad. You can select your control option from the settings page, which is accessible from the main page.

The graphics and animation techniques used in this game are awesome and they give you the feel of movies like DragonHeart.

Traveler Adventure is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version. This game is universal and can be played on iPhone as well as iPad.

Traveler Adventure features mild cartoon and fantasy violence. Therefore user discretion is being recommended for playing this game.

So how was your experience of playing this game? Post your comments.

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