Enjoy The Bike Stunts Of Stuntman Sam [REVIEW]

Stuntman Sam

I was attracted to this game because the face of Stuntman Sam reminded me of Speed Racer. Speed Racer was one of my favorite TV shows.

Stuntman Sam is a game where you enjoy the excitement of race and see your hero doing the death defying stunts that one can expect only from Chuck Norris in real life.

Chuck Norris was a martial artist and occasional stuntman before he became an actor. I admire Chuck Norris and I also admire Stuntman Sam.

The face of Stuntman Sam might remind you of a hero from some Japanese Manga animated series but trust me, I have played this game and this game has no violence that you expect from Manga. Nor it has any sort of nudity or sexual innuendos that are a common sight in Manga. This is a complete family friendly game.

Stuntman Sam has been created by Dinoroar, a company that describe itself as a group of geeks who love technology and playing games. Dinoroar has developed various app games and online games.

Stuntman Sam

In this game, you have to help Sam to reach finish-point in the race. You have create ramps that would help Sam in jumping high. You must be careful as Sam has just three lives. If Sam wins gold medal, then you get to play another bonus round.

You can create awesome jumps and collect coins along the way to use in the pitstop store.

While playing the game, you can upgrade your bikes, your ramps and also purchase incentives such as turbo bonus round and much needed turbo icons to boost your way through the course.

Stuntman Sam

You can unlock the turbo and extreme bonus rounds as well as 3 other levels that would be harder.

You can turbo boost your way through the obstacle course faster by collecting the turbo icons.

This game also calls for some precautions. Crashing or landing into obstacles will make you lose a life.

Stuntman Sam is suitable for ages 10 or above. Children are requested not to imitate the stunts they see in this game at home, or at school (or anywhere).

Stuntman Sam

Stuntman Sam features infrequent, mild and simulated gambling. That is why, user discretion is being advised to play this game.

Stuntman Sam is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This has been written after the game being downloaded from store through a gift card. The game has been played on an iPad.

So are you ready for some real action and practice your skills of bike stunts? Share your feedback about this game by posting comments.

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