Enjoy Jumping And Cherry Popping With Panda Sweet Tooth Full [REVIEW]

Panda Sweet Tooth Full

Is it my fascination with Mario, or my taste for sweet cheer, I love playing the game called Panda Sweet Tooth Full. This game is simple where our hero panda jumps and eats cherries flying in the sky. The Panda also eats other things that come in his way.

Panda jumps like Mario, going through slopes and flying in the sky. However, this game is more visually appealing as Panda looks cuter than Mario. This game has beautiful graphics.

Panda Sweet Tooth Full

The makers of this game say on its website that they wanted to make a family friendly game that would appeal to children as well as adults alike. That is why, they came up with this game that is easy to play for people irrespective of age-groups.

Apart from cherries, this game features variety of objects to choose from what the Panda can collect. The more items (I played this game by choosing cherry as the item), Panda collects, the more points you score. Panda will run and jump to collect berries in this new family friendly arcade game! This is a funny, exciting and entertaining game and it goes on like a fast paced adventure-oriented movie. See how sharp your reflexes are, when you make the Panda jump by using your finger to tap the screen.

Panda Sweet Tooth Full challenges players with helping their furry animal hero – the panda. The Panda has to collect as many fruits and berries as it can, get home safe, and make a delicious jam.

Panda Sweet Tooth Full

Panda Sweet Tooth Full supports multiple languages and features a full comic style introduction that gives players a back story on panda, its family, and the reason Panda wants to make jam so much. This game features 30 uniquely challenging levels set across six beautifully rendered diverse game worlds. The worlds provide hours upon hours of exhilarating mobile gaming action!

To play this game, you have to keep your panda moving forward and keep it fit enough to continue collecting berries as it passes them. Making your Panda jump over delicious yet fattening bamboo shoots will keep your panda, slim and healthy. If you run into them your panda would not be able to resist the urge to eat it! If your panda eats too many bamboo lunches, it will become too fat to move. And this would mean “GAME OVER” for you.

Here you can see that this game delivers a message that eating healthy food is a good thing and it makes you a winner.

This game also has a dose of action. An array of enemies comes into play as players get further and further through the game. These critters will try to steal your hard earned berries (or cherries). You have to scare them to win get past them. Weary gamers might even get an occasional break in the form of bonus mushroom. These valuable items can slim down fattening panda and keep it moving forward.

This game has 30 addictive family friendly levels to play through, intuitive controls, and vibrantly whimsical cartoon graphics. Thus, Panda Sweet Tooth Full is one new mobile adventure that is worth your time.

Following are the features of Panda Sweet Tooth Full:

1. Beautiful graphics and high quality animation that would give you the feel of watching an awesome animated series. This game has cute and comical graphics.

2. The languages supported by this game are English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

3. Panda Sweet Tooth Full features accessible and straightforward controls.

4. Things that make this game exciting are 30 levels, 6 locations and diverse enemies.

Panda Sweet Tooth Full is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Panda Sweet Tooth Full from app store via gift card and the game has been played on an iPod.

So did you find this game amusing and visually appealing? Post your comments.

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