Enjoy Movie Quiz With Robotic Quizmaster Freakdroid [REVIEW]


When I was 18, I read the story of computer that knew everything in this world. That computer considered humans inferior and tried to take control of the world.

Today, I was reminded of this story when I played the game Freakdroid whose story starts on a planet of artificial intelligence.

This game has been created by Digital4you. This company is an one of the business units of the Endeavour Group, that has worked in Research and Development in the IT field for over ten years. This company describes its goal as to offer the newest technology in the development of applications for mobiles and for social networks, content management systems and also customized services in the field of digital entertainment.

Freakdroid is a funny game and it can be more entertaining for you if you have good knowledge about movies.

The story of Freakdroid is as interesting as the origin story of a super-hero. It reminded of the origin story of Superman about how baby Kal-El (Superman), landed on Earth from Krypton.


Before Freakdroid, there was Freakbop, a revolutionary prototype created on an advanced planet populated by artificial intelligences. It was a computer capable of understanding humans. Unfortunately, the same programming made Freakbop capable to relate to humans and gave it a nasty personality. Freakbop was exiled. Crew of Netunia found Freakbop and used its system as their navigational controls.

However, a terrible incident occurred when a nebula affected computer’s programming and ship flew into asteroid field. Computer had the control of spaceship and thus, created an android body using spare parts. This is how Freakdroid was created. Freakdroid got away in one of the escape pods and landed on Earth.


Freakdroid, a moody robot with a strong personality. This game involves, movie quiz and interaction with the users through the social networks.

Freakdroid is the second app of the Freakverse series.

The character Freakdroid is a robot with programming bugs that allowed him to develop a personality (very cranky), very intelligent, albeit quirky, and that has a hard time coexisting with and especially obeying humans.

Freakdroid will show his personality with his moody thoughts and the user will be able to share them.


Playing this game is easy. You have to annoy Freakdroid by knocking him down on the floor, again and again. Every time Freakdroid gets up, he would reenact a movie by uttering a dialogue. You will tap on the video camera and your Facebook account will the authentication of your participation in quiz. You have to answer which movie did Freakdroid enacted The quicker you answer, the more points you get.

You can share Freakdroid’s grumpy thoughts and lines on your Twitter and Facebook. It is possible to use the phone to send Freakdroid messages through the social networks.

This game app has been designed for both iPhone as well as iPad.

The graphics of this game are beautiful and make the scenes look funny. The eyes of Freakdroid would remind you of Eddie, the mascot for the music made by British rock band, Iron Maiden.

Freakdroid is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining Freakdroid from app store and the app has been used on an iPad.

So did you enjoy this game after playing it? Share your thoughts with us.

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