Enjoy A New Space Adventure With Cartoon Defence – Space Wars [REVIEW]

Cartoon Defence - Space Wars

If the spelling “Defence” in the name of this game seems strange to you, kindly excuse me for that because this is how British and Asian people spell it. It is in the title of this game, and thus, has to to be accepted.

Anyway, What is in a name? Let me introduce you to the fun that you can have by playing this game called Cartoon Defence – Space Wars.

Cartoon Defence - Space Wars iPhone Game

You may have enjoyed Space Wars in the movies of Star Wars series. Now allow me to introduce you something new and interesting which may not be as legendary as Star Wars but it certainly entertains you a lot. Enjoy this game.

While playing Cartoon Defence – Space Wars, you have to immerse yourself into mentally engaging, real-time tower defense inspired action, and planet Cartoon from the alien menace across 80+ stages & via 3 game modes.

Cartoon Defence - Space Wars iPod Touch

Your mission is simple. You take control of planet Cartoon’s peace loving White Tribe. You will have to have to use all your cunning strategic thinking, and planning prowess to fight off the Grey Tribe from turning your home planet into their newest acquisition. This game has 80 challenging stages.

There are three gameplay modes called Scenario, Wave and Battle Star. In your battle, you will have 45 unique upgradable items such as resources, defense materials, weapons and more. You will be always ready to fight against the gray villains of this game.

Following video gives you an insight of Cartoon Defence – Space Wars:

Cartoon Defence – Space Wars is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

So what did you enjoy most while playing this game? Post your comments.

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