Enjoy Processed Pictures And Videos Shot By You With Lomora 3 [REVIEW]

Lomora 3

I enjoy pictures that I have taken because they have good picture quality and they have high resolution. Thanks to Lomora 3. Shooting good quality videos with Lomora 3 is also very easy.

Lomo or plastic camera came to prominence few decades ago. Camera manufacturers were only interested in producing still-cameras due to the limit and price of films. However, in 21st century, most of the things can be digitized including cameras.

With Lomora 3 in your iDevice, you can experience not just normal video recording but cross-processed video recording.

This means that you can now have lomo videos with sound, which currently is unfeasible by analog film camera! Lomora also gives you the video was processed in real-time. Visualization of the effect will definitely help you take better clips.

In movies, when scene is shot, actors are just syncing their lips. Dubbing is done later. If the technique of Lomora is used, the time of dubbing can be saved and the footage would require only editing for the removal of unwanted sounds in the background.

Lomora 3

As you can see, I took a picture of my keyboard. At the right corner, you see the icons of still camera and video camera. If I shift the bar over video camera icon, the video mode would be activated the Lomora 3 will start recording the video footage of my keyboard.

Besides accenting on the video feature, Lomora 3 also offers world-class replication of plastic camera effect. The results delivered by Lomora 3 are so real that you can barely differentiate them from the analog ones.

Here I am showing you some facts that not only tell you the features of Lomora 3, but also tell you why you should have it in your iDevice:

1. Pictures taken and videos made by Lomora 3 have phenomenal effects.

2. You can make fabulous films. The picture quality of video can be equivalent to the picture quality of Blu-Ray.

3. Cross-processed video recording is possible with Lomora 3.

4. Lomora 3 Saves you thousands of dollars if you buy Lomora instead of analog cameras. If you are making a movie, you will save time and money on dubbing techniques. So Lomora also saves time.

5. Lomora Incorporates most of the plastic cameras, accessories and features, ActionSampler, SuperSampler, Splitzer, Long Exposure, Double Exposure and many more.

6. Lomora is a motivation for analog users to switch to digital. And a valid reason as well.

7. You can shoot your videos in different formats, full frame, square or horizon format. You can choose.

8. Lomora does not have any hidden cost. When you buy Lomora, everything is unlocked. Lomora is not like some other apps that would charge you for additional In-App purchase costs.

9. In the era of Facebook, how can Lomora ignore it. You can easily share your images to Facebook, Twitter or e-mail within the app.

Here are some new features in the updated version 3.01:

1. Video export and sharing issues have been fixed. Even video files of big size can also be shared.

2. The file extension for image shared via email has been corrected.

3. Hashtag for Lomora has been added in tweet’s description.

4. You may find the new default picture attractive.

Lomora 3 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th Generation iPod Touch, iPad 2 Wi-Fi and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. It requires iOS 5.0 or later version.

This review has been written after purchasing the app from app store and the app has been used on iPhone 4.

So are you happy to see high quality pictures taken and videos made by you through Lomora 3? Post your comments.

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