Enjoy A Sandwich Of Numbers With Cafe Five [REVIEW]

Cafe Five iPad

Do you like making sandwich? Do you like to play with numbers? Do you enjoy playing games like crossword or Sudoku?

Here is a new game app from Oblique Diversions, Inc that makes you do all of these three activities, culminating into an engaging and entertaining game.


Cafe Five iPhone

You can easily play this game and enjoy it if you can do two things. One, you should be ready to play a brain teasing game. Two, you should be able to count to five. You can also enjoy the look of vegetables in this game as there are beautiful graphics and colorful pictures in this game.

In Cafe Five, your challenge is to create a perfect sandwich platter by piling up bologna, lettuce, tomato and cheese together in combinations equalling five. Every item has a number written on it. If you put cheese on tomato, the number on cheese if added to the number on tomato should result in five. You should aim to clear the board for a huge tip, rather than getting stiffed on a tip because the sandwiches are burnt to a crisp. The way customers become picky and start changing their minds, the same thing goes for the puzzles in this game as well. Good luck! Enjoy making your sandwich! We hope that you achieve tremendous tips on your quest!

Let us have a look at the features of this game:

1. There are 80+ FREE puzzles in this game.

2. You will get hundreds more puzzles if you go for purchasing in-game.

3. 4 puzzle sizes would allow you to play at your pace.

4. This game carries a guide app that would tell you in 15 seconds ‘How-to-Play’. You can go on playing for hours and enjoy the game.

Cafe Five iPod Touch

This game is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It requires iOS 3.1.3 or later versions.

So are you ready to make a delicious sandwich and do some brain exercise at the same time? Tell us what type of sandwich did you make and how much tip did you get, in the comments section.

Click here to download Cafe Five.

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