Enjoy Sweets And Foster Calories With CooCoo Planet [Review]


Simulation games are actually sweet, lovable, you fall in love with this whole cycle of producing and reaping. Its a perpetual rhythm of sowing, harvesting and savoring the growth. There’s more to it, more than being just a Simulation. As a player, I was so intrigued and fascinated by FarmVille that I wrote about an engrossment phenomena which I had been through. It was a sticky phenomena and I only visualized crops, home farm, decorations and everything possible required to fabricate the perfect farm. It was indeed a charming experience. While you are undergoing a relentless journey of copying activities from ‘real life’ into the game, you learn a lot of planning and organizing skills, appears nonfictional at times. Perhaps there are failures in this category, hundreds of game make a promising entry and end up with an unhappy exit.


CooCoo Planet is a bright energetic simulation game which revolves around the idea of creating a planetoid, brimming with sweets growing gaeseongga. I started playing the game by creating a small planet and realized that I can make a planet of desert with moving desert characters, that’s quite interesting. Later I constructed these nice looking buildings and started with feeding the characters. Here’re are few buildings which I created.


CooCoo Planet features a high-calorie planet which is beautiful and a player is expected to plant as many sweets as possible. For a user who has a sweet tooth, the game is a delight, its a virtual world of sugar coated delicacies which can tempt a user to munch one.

While I was growing my planet, I was able to jump levels and receive gold in the form of bonus. I came across a variety of sweet delicacies which could be mixed to create new CooCoo driven recipes. During the gameplay, I was absorbed in creating the perfect planet. The brownie features of the game are face, hair and clothing items driven through making your own. And, if you are someone who cares for friends, the game offers a CooCoo driven education in which you take care of a friend’s CooCoo under the CooCoo driven education system.