Enjoy Your Trip To UK With mX Great Britain Guide [REVIEW]

mX Great Britain Guide

When my father went to UK many years ago, he had to depend on his crew and his British Aides in London to find out everything like restaurants, flight booking system, shopping centers , etc. This is because neither iPhone existed in that era, nor the helpful apps like mX Great Britain Guide.

mX Great Britain Guide is your guide to UK. It would help you whether you are on a business trip or whether you have gone as a tourist, mX Great Britain Guide will give you information that will help you to sort out potential problems related to lodging, food flight bookings, finding shopping centers etc.

Great Britain Guide

This app would also keep you updated with all important news and current affairs in UK.

mX Great Britain Guide has been created by a company called Mobiexplorer describes itself as a company focused on the development of innovative solutions for mobile phones, primarily destination guides and helpful applications for the tourism industry.

With this app, you can explore Great Britain on your mobile. This app is a comprehensive guide in itself with over 38 destinations in UK. It features hundreds of attractions, maps, free wi-fi hotspots, local tips, things to do, special offers, places to eat and stay, photos, video… and much more. If you want to drink, this app maybe able to find awesome bars for you, depending on your tastes.

With mX Great Britain Guide you can book a hotel or flight. You can make plans for local tour by getting information about favorite tourist spots. You can book cars from agencies providing transportation for tourists. You can also use this app to buy a ticket to a popular London musical.

Great Britain Guide

Following are some of the important features of mX Great Britain Guide:

1. mX Great Britain Guide can provide offline content which helps you save on roaming.

2. Direct booking, for over 11,000 hotels is available.

3. As mentioned earlier, mX Great Britain Guide can be used for tour and theatre booking.

4. You can share your GREAT Britain experience on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and TripAdvisor with this app.

5. This app also features local tips and phrasebook.

6. mX Great Britain Guide features city guides of London and 37 other destinations.

7. This app also offers you helpful shopping tips and special offers.

8. If you are lost, this app has interactive maps with geolocation. You can find your way back to your hotel easily.

9. This app also features important phone numbers like police, fire, etc.

Apart from these this app has many innovative features.

In the end, mX Great Britain can help you discover many reasons why Britain is a great country.

mX Great Britain Guide is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.0 or later version.

This review has been written after obtaining mX Great Britain Guide from app store and the app has been used on an iPod.

So how was your experience of making a trip to UK with this app? Tell us.

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