Enthiran(Film) a fusion of Matrix, iRobot, Terminator, Indian Dancing + Mac Cameo

We can say Enthiran is the fusion of top Hollywood actions movies and Indian Dancing and a small cameo role from Mac. This sophisticated epic film has it all, super hero, killer robots, guns, explosions, hot girl, martial arts, mad scientist, Bollywood Indian dancing, and a love story. The actor in the film is Rajnikant, who is considered as god by his fans and also he is the 2nd highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan. The actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is known as the Bollywood versions of Angelina Jolie, and also the former Miss World.

This action packed movie is a fusion of technology and Bollywood dancing, with fight sequences and epic song and dance numbers filmed around the world. The film was created in Kollywood, known as the Tamil version of Bollywood, this is the coolest and costliest Indian film ever made. By watching the trailers of Enthiran, we can say the film was inspired iRobot, Matrix, Terminator, Iron Man, Star Trek, and Kung Fu Hustle. The film is a masala picture as all in one genre of movies are here in Enthiran.

‘Forget Google Android as killer robot, a mad scientist with some Apple iMac help creates a the next generation ultimate fighting robot’ as reported from Obamapacman

The robot film is scheduled for an India release in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi on 1st of October 2010. Here one of the cinemas carrying this epic robot movie is Big Cinemas, with 516 screens across India, US, Malaysia and Netherlands. US locations at California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia.

The trailers are amazing and if you happen to catch up with the film, let’s us know your experiences.

[Thanks, Obamapacman]

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