Environmental Analyst says Steve Jobs plans house design as efficient and economical

Apple CEO Steve Jobs plans to build a new, modest iHouse nano at the Jackling House site. With the issue of the fate of Jackling House demolition finally over, Steve Jobs finally gets to build his tiny house. Not a huge mansion, but a modest 1 story house plus basement. It was also reported that in the house the bedroom will have shared bathroom and with two toilet/WC rooms. Environmental psychologist Sally Augustin analyzed the design as very efficient and more economical than bathrooms for each bedroom.

Gizmodo describes, “According to these initial designs, Jobs intends to populate the 6 acres with an assortment of indigenous flora; a simple three-car garage; a modest 5 bedroom home with plenty of windows and decks; a network of lighted stone walkways; and even a private vegetable garden. Everything is neat, tight, pragmatic, and in its place.”

Steve Jobs has a net worth of $6.1 billion dollars, and is ranked the 42nd richest American by Forbes. For someone who is in the top 100 richest person in the world, he’s building a tiny house. Steve Jobs’ iHouse nano is priced to be $8.45 million, including cost to demolish the old Jackling House.


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