ESPN Coming To Apple TV


If you watch ESPN, you must be familiar with WatchESPN, a wonderful app that enables users watch ESPN on their iPhone and iPads.

Now, there are speculations that it will come to Apple TV very soon.

Bloomberg has reported that ESPN is currently in talks with Apple to bring the WatchESPN app to the Apple TV. That means subscribers of ESPN would be watching ESPN content very soon on their Apple TVs too.

This app/feature would probably look more like ESPN on Xbox where you could watch ESPN3 games and coverage on your TV but not ESPN and ESPN2. This is because having ESPN and ESPN2 content would just duplicate the cable channels you already pay for.

In a time when many people subscribe to cable only to watch ESPN, the sales of Apple TV are bound to go up if ESPN becomes available on Apple TV.

However, ESPN has said that the deal is not exactly imminent. But it is interesting that the sports giant made its talks with Apple public. The two companies may to time the launch with the Apple HDTV.

Source: Gizmodo

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