Everyday: iPhone Headset Shortcut Guide

iphone_3gs_headset-281x300Everyday, you may be using iPhone’s headset to make call, answer call or listen to music. With the single button design, it’s so intuitive that you know how to answer call or play back music.

But I guess not everyone know all the shortcuts provided by this single button.

Let me ask you. By using the headset, do you know:

how to send incoming call to voice mail?

how to ignore incoming call?

how to skip to the next song or go back to previous song when you’re listening music in iPod?

If you know all the answers, you’re definitely an iPhone Pro user and can skip the rest of the post. On the other hand, continue to read through it to learn about all shortcuts of iPhone headset.

Button Shortcuts for iPhone Headset

While there is an incoming call, you can:

1. Press once to pickup the call
2. Press twice to send the call to voicemail.
3. Press and hold center button for about two seconds to decline the call. You’ll also hear two low beeps that confirm you the call is declined.

While you’re in a call, you can simply press once to end the call.

While you’re in a call and there is a second incoming call, you can:

1. Press once to switch to another call and put the current call on hold. Press the button again to switch to the first call.
2. Press and hold the button for about two seconds to ignore the second call.

While you’re not in a call, you can press the button once to activate iPod and playback your music.

While you’re listening to music in iPod, you can use the button to control the music playback:

1. Press once to pause the song and press again to resume it.
2. Press twice to skip to the next song
3. Press three time to go back to the previous song

For iPhone 3GS, the bundled headset is enhanced with volume control buttons. You can use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the volume. And, one more thing. You can press and hold the center button to activate voice control, which is a new feature comes with iPhone 3GS.

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