Exclusive: Icon in iOS reveal a new iPad Pro with no Home button, rounded corners and more

After a similar icon before, during the fifth-beta of iOS12, icon, displays iPad no Home button, rounded corners and no notch, where a small icon designs using the battery widget. Therefore, a lot of detail which gave on the form factor of the device. Now, a more detailed outlook is at 2018. This is where iPad Pro redesigns within iOS.

With a new icon found within iOS has a more detailed offer. This is in view of the 2018 iPad Pro, expect an announcement during the Tuesday event in Brooklyn. This icon hence shows iPad with rounded corners, no Home button, and no notch. Hence an interesting aspect is how large the bezels look, which is in comparative with iPhones.

This, however, constructed with sometimes thicker lines require “readable” at smaller sizes. With a similar effect thus occur with the iPhone X found last year.

Another interesting detail where there is a sleep/wake button is at the top. This is while having new iPhone models feature a side button, using it invoking Siri, taking screenshots, and shut down the design button. The presence of a sleep/wake button with a side button is designed as a decision for the new iPad. On the other hand, a possible 2018 iPad Pro ends up with side button as an unfinished asset.

This reveals the sources extracted from 9to5mac states a full coverage of everything Apple announces a big picture where a redesign of iPad Pro is in the coming weeks.

Details aside, it is a clear indication which is ongoing seeing a big redesign of the iPad Pro, this Tuesday. Stay tuned to 9to5Mac as with full coverage of everything Apple announces.