Exclusive The Dark Knight Rises Trailer On iTunes

What you just saw is a small trailer of the upcoming Batman movie titled as “The Dark Knight Rises”. This trailer has been released by Warner Bros on YouTube.

The philosophy of Batman in Batman Begins (2005) by Christopher Nolan had impressed everyone. Then came The Dark Knight (2008), the first Batman movie that did not have “Batman” in its title. Award winning performance from Heath Ledger as The Joker made him immortal after his demise.

The success of two movies was bound to make the third movie, “The Dark Knight Rises” one of the most searched item on Google and any news related to that movie was big news in cinema. More because it is going to be the last movie in the Nolan’s franchise of Batman movies.

The producers have just released a new trailer of the upcoming movie, exclusively for iTunes which I found better than the YouTube.

Click here to watch the new iTunes exclusive trailer in HD.

Source: Wired Top

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