Expect new iPhone and iPad models anytime next year


Boy Genius Report (BGR) claimed that a source from apple had revealed something interesting to them regarding the iOS 4 code, thus showing that new iPhone and iPad models may be set to begin field testing. The relevant code is said to allow carriers to test the devices without requiring manual activation through iTunes as is required for retail units.

 BGR said “Way deep down within iOS 4 is a pretty intriguing block of code. Our source says that the code queries the device, and if the device is a CDMA iPhone or iPad 2, the device will auto-activate, thus bypassing the need for iTunes. We’re told this block of code has appeared every year consecutively before a major iPhone / device release, removed right before launch.”


These code names are not new, as they first appeared several months ago in iPhone OS 3.2 released for the iPad. However their presence in an “unreleased hardware” portion of code dealing with auto-activation does appear to be new, and the source claims that this presages field testing of the devices.

But the software presence or evidence of Apple’s future devices tends to appear very early in the development process, as in the case of the iPhone 4. Evidence of field testing of the iPhone 4 appeared by late November 2009, more than six months before its public launch. Combined with claims that a CDMA-based iPhone 4 is in “engineering verification test” stage, this new evidence of software support for field usage of the new hardware continues to point to possible product releases sometime early next year and not any sooner.

Courtesy: boygeniusreport.com

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