Explore The Outer Space In Your iPad With Rocket Space [REVIEW]

Rocket Space

Do you wish to be Neil Armstrong? Now you can fulfill your dream when you play this exciting game called Rocket Space in your iPad.

This game would give you the feeling of flying tot he sky and exploring the planets.

As a child, I was big fan of a science fiction TV show in which there was big prison in the outer-space where most dangerous criminal scientists from all planets were housed. The series opened with twelve villains escaping from the jail and the World President (the story of this series was set in 2220 AD where the Earth would be a one-nation world and have world-government) appoints one of the top law enforcers (the hero of the story) to catch the villains.

Rocket Space

This game has been created by Ukraine-based Little Beaver Games who are in the field of web-development. They create apps for iOS, Google Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and many other operating systems.

Now say bye to Earth and hi to stars. Playing Rocket Space, you are going into space.

In this game, you are to fulfill a hazardous mission and fly your rocket up to Pluto. Imagine yourself as an astronaut. Your rocket is flying and you need to watch out for the airplanes, balloons, satellites and strange space ships.

All of them can damage your rocket and prevent you from achieving your goal. Only the bravest space traveler can cope with this task and reach the required height. Do you have that courage in you? Find out by playing this game.

Rocket Space

This game has fabulous music by Maneken. This game has an addictive gameplay and you would not wish to stop this game without finishing it. There are dozens of items to upgrade. Experiencing the action in this game is not like seeing some cartoon on Chuck Norris. This game has realistic physics. Lastly, Rocket Space also has Facebook and Twitter integration so that you can show your achievements to your Facebook friends and Twitter friends.

Rocket Space is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version. It is a universal app and can be used on iPhone as well as iPad.

This review has been written after obtaining Rocket Space from the app store and the game has been played on an iPad.

So are you ready to fasten your seat-belts and hit the sky? Post your comments.

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