Explore Your Feminine Side With These Inviting Wearables


The next generation of wearables show a strong fashion sense and are equipped with features which make a woman feel carefree and at times empowered. With iWatch gathering the much accepted hype we thought of exploring feminine Wearables and combining all into one. These wearables will surely evoke you to buy one for yourself.

Mini by Everpurse


For women who use an iPhone, Mini by Everpurse is a charming mould for her iPhone and why we call it a mould is how graciously an iPhone fits into this mould. Have a look below, perfect. Because of an intelligent form factor one can easily use phone while charging. Mini is available in 3 colors, black, golden and turquoise. The distinct feature of this wearable is that it charges your phone once you place your iPhone into the aluminum charging dock. Mini is compatible for iPhone 5 and above and priced at $98.

Fitbit/Tory Burch


Fitbit produces activity trackers dedicated to health & fitness made with a motive to transform people’s life. Fitbit teamed up with a rich fashion brand Tony Burch to create a customized version of its Flex tracker into an elegant, feminine activity tracker which has similar functions of thats of an activity tracker. Products made by Fitbit help you in reaching goals and while doing that you’re encouraged to have fun, smile and feel empowered.



CSR has teamed up with Cellini Jewelers to produce an assorted collection of Bluetooth jewelry which uses light to let know a user when someone is trying to share content using bluetooth. The necklace gets connected to an iPhone in few seconds and enables ultra power connectivity. CSR also focuses on basic data transfer for applications before limited by power consumption, size constraints and complexity of other wireless standards.



Cuff is a personal security device that fits beautifully into an expanding line of jewelry. The jewelry collection comprises of bracelets and necklaces that are made of leather and metal. The device vibrates anytime anyone in your chosen network need you, and it intelligently propagates your alert to your protective circle until someone responds. Cuff is compatible with iPhone 4S and above and the iPad Mini. The price range is between $35- $110.



MEMI is a youthful bracelet which is compatible to your iPhone and works wirelessly. The bracelet unobtrusively vibrates when you receive phone calls, text messages and calendar alerts. MEMI does not have a display and it’s lightweight so that it rests comfortably on your wrist. The bracelet comes in silver and white colors and is compatible with iPhone 4S and above. MEMI is priced at $150 and being spoken as the first wearable technology made by women for women.


Navigate - Tourist Vs Traveller

The NAVIGATE Jacket enables the wearer to find her destination using LED lighting. The wearable comes with an app, Companion, which stores relevant destinations and uploads directions to the jacket which give step by step directions. While receiving directions the wearer can walk uninterruptedly and the directions appear visually on the jacket. The jacket is designed fashionably with the features lightning up the sleeves.



EZIO has a collection of Bluetooth watches and jewelry. The complete range is designed for women and is immensely modern and stylish. The watches enable you to wear a smart watch along with being fashionable. Designs made by EZIO reflect todays bold woman. The jewelry is equally inviting and pleasing. The features of EZIO products are call and message alerts along with phone loss alert indicated by a LED beeping signal.



These fashion-forward bags are meant for women who are busy and according to me, lazy too. emPOWERED bags help you to charge your iPhone effortlessly. Once discharged, the bag can be recharged by connecting it to your computer. The bag has been designed keeping usability in mind and has a removable, adjustable strap along with sections inside the bag which help you to keep it organized. These are leather made bags and come in a wide variety.

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