Eye on Apple only, no BlackBerry!

First come, first serve. It works, I tell you. Take for the instance Apple were the first to produce the iPhones, ipads and iPod touch which took the mind and heart of the people. People become addicted to Apple.

Now it’s like other companies producing identical products are suffering to sell their products in the market.

“BlackBerry smartphone maker have been crushed in the past few weeks, due largely to concerns that its hotly anticipated new Torch phone is not selling as well as hoped. Research in Motion shares have plunged more than 15% just this month and are barely above their 52-week low,” reports from CNNMoney.

Investors are worried that tech consumers only have eyes for Apple and its iPhone.

The company’s sales and profits are still growing, but the pace is slowing. “Possible bans of BlackBerry services by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and India over security concerns may also be weighing on the stock,” report CNNMoney. And without a hot product on the horizon, it’s hard to envision a bright future for Research in Motion.

Its turning black for RIM and nothing big is happening for it when the Apple is here.

Thanks www.MacDailyNews.com

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