Face Warp Camera (Review)

Today we are reviewing Face Warp camera for iOS, which is an app that warps your face in several amusing and often hilarious ways. The app lets you make grotesque changes to your face, just for laughs. We spent quite a while reviewing the app, and its been great fun for the most part.

Face Warp Camera is a pretty straightforward app. It has three tabs at the bottom. A toggle switch to the left, which lets you toggle between the front and back camera, a camera key at the center and an effects tab to the right, which allows you to create multiple distortions to your face.

The effects include :

    • Enlarging your nose,
    • Widening your eyes,
    • Twisting your mouth and
    • Elongating your chin.

You can choose to have just one or even all the effects running simultaneously. I had a blast testing it on my colleagues. None of them could quite believe it was them in the end result. This app can be seriously addictive, especially if you are a prankster like me.

We found the app to be quite intuitive. The camera traces motion and finds your face automatically, so you dont really need to be still to take a picture. I couldn’t help wishing for more effects though, such as changing the color of your eyes or hair, for instance. It would have made an already great app even better.

Whether you are looking to just prank your friends, or you want to try out a new look for halloween, Face Warp Camera is sure to give you a makeover you wont soon forget!!!

Face Camera Warp is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

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