Google Co-Founder Says Facebook And Apple As The Biggest Threat To The Open Internet

Sergey Brin

China and many other countries have been in news on various occasions on censoring Internet and posing a threat to open Internet. Uncivilized people have tried to curb Internet freedom through one way or the other.

However, it may sound strange when things seen as a symbol of Internet freedom are accused of being a threat to Internet freedom.

In a recent interview with the Guardian, Google cofounder Sergey Brin said:

..he was most concerned by the efforts of countries such as China, Saudi Arabia and Iran to censor and restrict use of the internet, but warned that the rise of Facebook and Apple, which have their own proprietary platforms and control access to their users, risked stifling innovation and balkanizing the web.” There’s a lot to be lost,” he said. “For example, all the information in apps – that data is not crawlable by web crawlers. You can’t search it.”

It is interesting that ‘lost’ is defined here as “not crawlable by Google’s search engine”. Framing the argument as ’what is in the best interests of users’ vs. what Google wants would probably have helped his case.

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Source: 9TO5 Mac

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