Facebook for iPhone Updated; Great Way to Find Your Friends on Your iPhone

Facebook has launched a new version of their iPhone app. iPhone v3.4.1 provides user to find friend on Facebook using your iPhone.

New Features in Facebook for iPhone version 3.4.1:

– Find your Friends on Facebook using your phone
– Add your phone to your profile
– Bug fixes

According to iPhonehacks:

The Find your Friends feature uses your iPhone’s address book to find your friends on Facebook so you can add them or send them an invite to join Facebook.

To use this feature, launch the app, tap on Friends from the app’s home screen then tap on the button on the top right hand corner of the screen. You will get a menu with option to Sync Contacts and Find Friends. Tap on Find Friends.

To add your iPhone to your profile, go to profile info in the app and it should prompt you to add your phone to your profile.

Visit the App Store to update the newest version of Facebook for iPhone.

[Via itunes]

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