Facebook for iPad Goes Live

Facebook iPad

Facebook has been a rage for past few years. Everybody wants to stay connected to his Facebook all the time. Seems like Apple Inc has sensed the pulse of users and is presenting a new app addressing this concern.

That is right! Very soon, the Facebook for iPad app is about to go live very soon in the app store. Though, Facebook authorities are yet to make the official announcement regarding this development, they are already hosting a link dedicated to it here.

The link from where users can download free Facebook for iPad is here.

The URL leads to existing iPhone app, indicating the merger of existing iPhone client and the new iPad app into a new binary. Chatting, browsing, playing games and watching movies are possible in this here.

Following are some features of Facebook for iPad app:

1. Big and clear view of photos.

2. Easy to zoom.

3. Easy bowling and navigation.

4. Simplified navigation to send messages and browse your bookmarks.

5. Availability of an easy drop down menu that makes it easy to scan and send messages without visiting your inbox.

So are you ready for this new app? What would you like to say and discuss about this new app in the comments section below?