Facebook launches 3-D Photos using Portrait Mode Image from iPhone

Facebook announced the launch of a new 3D photo. This is where the Portrait Mode of iPhone is with other smart-phones is with dual lens cameras.

Facebook manipulates Portrait Mode photo displays the scene in 3D. This is where the depth of information is between the subject of the foreground and the background.

Hence a shot of your pet, your friends, or a beautiful spot is from your latest vacation where you take a photo in Portrait mode compatible with dual-lens with smart-phone shares with a 3D photo on Facebook scrolls in, pan, and tilt sees a photo in realistic 3D through a window.

According to Facebook, 3D photos uploaded starting a new post, taps on the three dots. This is where there is more option of choice with the 3D photo option.

Facebook has several tips where there is a creation of ideal 3D photos with a usage of Portrait Mode. This includes choosing scenes with clear difference depth in between the subject and the background take an advantage of high contrast and captures images with some texture.

All Facebook user views have 3D photos in the News Feed and via VR starts today having the ability in creating and sharing 3D photos rolls out all users over the coming weeks.