Facebook October 2018 security breach: Everything one need to know


This year, Facebook shares a heap coming under fire where data over 87 million users with Cambridge Analytica. The company hence not already having a tough time which regains the trust with the user base, where Facebook has information for around 30 million people exposed an attack where it shut down in September.

Here’s everything you need to know.

The latest news

October 13, 2018: Find out if the one affected by the October 2018 Facebook security breach.

Facebook dedicates a page where it allows seeing your account with one of the 30 million affected by a most recent security breach.

Click here to see if you’re Facebook account was affected?

The page offers information with a current status of the investigation. At the bottom of the page a special box with “Is my Facebook account impact by this security issue?

Thus with one getting signed in to Facebook, see your account is whether affecting the breach. If one sees the box into your Facebook account thus goes back to the page.

Thus to note a fact is a recent Facebook security breach or not, locks down your account in the most secure way as possible, at the expense of convenience.

Despite Facebook’s irresponsible recommendation is that “There is no need anyone changing their passwords…,” hence one can have a password regularly using a unique complex password.

What happened?

Hence with July 2017 and September 2018 in between, attackers have access to Facebook which created a security vulnerability allowing to retrieve access where tokens take over people’s accounts.

Facebook noticed “an unusual spike of activity” on September 14 and on September 25  and attacked.

Within two days, of the vulnerability, the attack stopped, and secured people’s accounts which restore the access tokens for people with potential exposure.

Facebook, however, estimates 50 million users with information exposing, the number since the drop down to around 30 million. Hence, 15 million users with names and contact info (phone number and/or email) comprises another 14 million who lost that and their gender, with Facebook username, location, language, relationship status, hometown, religion, current area of residence, birth date, devices used to access Facebook, work, education, and more.

With this consideration as a due fact, remaining 1 million, Facebook has no information compromised.

This attack thus far not affected by Facebook Messenger, Messenger Kids, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, Workplace, Pages, payments, any third-party apps, or developer/advertising accounts.

What is Facebook doing?

Facebook works with the FBI which determines things happened and per the official press release, FBIs asked Facebook “not to discuss who may be behind the attack.”

The 30 million affected users with their info get stolen. This is during the company’s Help Center updating a new information about the attack.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Facebook reaches out users not only tells them but also the next steps to take. THus, always with these attacks, a few things right now is to ensure you take the right steps.

For starters, one has never been a  bad idea resetting your password with something happens like this. Also, to note a fact is using a password manager or two-factor authentication, having a good time to change that.


Thus to note a fact with regards to the security breach is one never comes under fire. Hence this comes with data over users having a tough time.