Facebook Timeline Page Documenting The Life Of Steve Jobs Taken Down

Facebook Timeline Steve Jobs

There have been many tributes to Steve Jobs but sometimes, one fails to understand whether an act of “tribute” has been carried out as a mark of respect or ridicule.

Steve Jobs is no more and it is definitely strange to see an active profile of Steve Jobs on Facebook.

There was a Facebook timeline that documented the entire life of Steve Jobs since the day he was born, and one would drop his jaws after seeing the effort that was put to make this page and uploading information not many people know.

The timeline featured hundreds of photographs and videos that featured Steve throughout his life. From the Electronics Club at Homestead High School back in 1969, to the day he stepped down from the role of CEO at Apple, and everything in between, it was like an information overload on Steve Jobs. This page looked like a wonderfully interactive biography.

Later the page was taken down. What are your comments on this Facebook Timeline page of Steve Jobs? Share with us.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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