Facebook updated to fix bugs, outside US have to wait

Updates are always welcome when comes with free spirit and frustrated or dejected when you are not entitled for the service of the latest update which you feel you can do something better or new with the offer.

On 19th Aug. saw the launch of Facebook 3.2 with Places support for iPhone and on 20th Aug. seen Facebook 3.2.1 with bug fixes and the explanation that Places is being rolled out slowly and is currently not available outside the US.

Apple has become the universal product in so many countries and also they helps in Apple growth to reach where it is today, i feel that the update should be universal where all Apple user around the globe can enjoy the offer without making them to grumble more. Better the Apple provide in universal accessing to new update lesser will the count in Jailbreaking.

If the update solved any problems you were having or clarified any confusion, let us know.


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