FaceTime Live Photos in iOS 12.1.1 returns, flip camera UI improved

Apple restored iOS 12.1.1, with FaceTime Live Photo. This captures a feature with the removal in iOS 12.0. currently in a beta phase. They dramatically improve FaceTime UI, mutes and flip camera actions with the main view no longer hidden in the sub-menu.

The Live Photos returned a feature, with both devices updates using it. The expanded card views made a FaceTime which gets improved.

With iOS 12.0, Apple thus far buries flip camera, has mute buttons with a swipe gesture. The expanded card covers up with own camera thumbnail, where there is a hard camera flip takes effect. Live Photos removed altogether.

The collapsed and expanded card interface thus reworked significantly in iOS 12.1.1, visible with these screenshots.

The Effects button – has smaller fits where there is a new row of four buttons. Effects, Mute, Flip Camera, and End Call. The Live Photo shutter button collapsed card. The expanded card controls to access a swipe gesture. The expanded card has a row of four buttons feature where a second row is with the pill buttons getting off with Camera and Speaker toggles.


Hence viewing Live Photos in FaceTime captures quickly a moment, is poignant hints with additional context accompanying motion and sound, with standard screenshot comparatively.

FaceTime Live Photos options FaceTime participant feature enables default turns off in Settings -> FaceTime -> Live Photos. Everyone updates iOS 12.1.1 or later with FaceTime Live Photo capture succeeds.

iOS 12.1.1 seeded developers expect to see a release to the public before the end of the year.