FaceTime missing in Middle East, can be of cultural sensibilities

If you are looking forward of buying a new iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia, Qatar or Yemen then be cautious
as it was reported that Facebook thread from SaudiMac points out that the website graphics for all athose countries, plus several others in the Middle East has lost their FaceTime graphic. You can see the before & after versions of the Saudi site above.

Well the adjustment to the product sites may be just ahead of the anticipated late September launch of the phone in these countries or it might represent a merely cosmetic tweak. The Apple might have put aside the features keeping in mind about the cultural sensitivities of these largely Islamic countries.

After considering all the issues, it was noted that it’s not just the image that’s changed but also the current versions of the iPhone pages omit the description of FaceTime as well.

Anyone, if you got a line to an Apple reseller or cellphone carrier in one of the FaceTime locales, please write to us.


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