Fake Apple Store in China, Looks Real [Video]

Media loves this kind of news, lots of spotlight on several fake Apple Stores in China has been seen in the last few days. The knockoff Apple shop offer heartfelt Apple products in a retail store like in a way of the replica, looks and feel of Apple’s own. The copycat stores found in kunming China is around 1000 miles away from the nearest Apple stores in China.

Folks check out the Fake Apple Store in Kunming China video:

There are only four authorized Apple Stores in China but none at Kunming. It was also known that the Apple products looks genuine and some reporters from MSN confirmed by saying that products looks very real and all the products are included at the fake store. The Manager at the store also says that products are real and comes with a warranty. Still now Apple has not issue any report on this.

I felt that the products at the Kunmimg store are real Apple products but the store is not the authorized one. You never know.

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