Fake Driver’s License Creating App Pulled From App Store

Fake Driver License

For over two years, a free app created by Driver ED Dot Com had been available at app store. No it has been pulled after a complaint.

Originally this app was meant to be for fun to create joke IDs on iPhone or iPad. This app allowed users to put a digital photo and biographic information into a driver’s license template for any of the 50 United States.

After a complaint was received by Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania, concerns started rising that many people may use it to create fake driving licenses and terrorists would be able to hoodwink the police and may become able to apply for passport. Complaint to the Senator had been forwarded by Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License.

Apart from creating a license, the app also enabled a user to mail the template of his license to another computer where it could be printed or laminated. Casey raised this matter with Apple as this app could be a big security concern and Apple ordered this app to pulled from app store. The question that remained unanswered that how come Apple allowed such app to be available at app store.

Source: TUAW

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