Fake iPhone 5 Released Already in China Before Apple

Everything comes easy and early in China and just like that a fake iPhone 5 device has already happening to appear in China. By looking on the designs, the case manufacturers look very convincing. GizChina has revealed this report about the fake iPhone 5 release.

GizChina says that even though it is not most amazing replica but the shape of this leaked iPhone 5 is really worth praising and has manage to get shape of the Apple iPhone. It also says that the alleged device is a very thin which comes at 7mm with black cover. It feature cameras, LED flash and plus control for power and volume.

The back case indicates that this device is a 64 GB model and includes all the FCC and other safety point: except none of these specifications are expected to be true. Here, the fake iPhone 5 comes at the price of 699 Yuan, $108.

Apple was planning to release iPhone 5 (Real) in the month of September but the latest reports claimed that it will be October.

[Via iClarified]

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