Fans Remember Steve Jobs

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As the world witnessed a visionary, Steve Jobs leaving the company of mortals and going to heaven, people started recalling and thinking about the kind of life that Steve Jobs had. The life, achievements and accomplishments of Steve Jobs became a story to be told so that young generation would inspired to work hard and believe in self-determination.

Even the tributes paid to Steve Jobs all over the world became stories. So did his funeral as well as the ceremony to remember him.

Now Apple has also decided to show respect to the admirers of Steve Jobs who paid tribute to him. Apple updated the Steve Jobs page of their website and published the tribute statements from the fans and admirers of Steve Jobs.

According to Apple, over a million people have also shared their thoughts words of admiration for Steve Jobs. Have you shared? You can share your your thoughts on

What are the most memorable moments of yours related to Apple and Steve Jobs? Share them with us in the following comments section.

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