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FastBall 2 By Klik!

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Updated: Dec 16, 2010
Current Version: 1.3
1.3 (iOS 4.0 Tested)
Size: 19.5 MB
Language: English
Seller: Ozden Irmak © 2010 Klik! Games
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires
iOS 3.0 or later

These app is among the Top free app in the app store. In FastBall 2 you’re propelled relentlessly forward on a two-dimensional plane, and the only way to stop is to beat the level or die trying. Jumping is the only control available in this app, and to achieved points then you’ll have to jump with precise moves. Here, every level is presence with obstacles and pits, with a few unstoppable items can really brings your speed up or slow down, and reverse direction thrown in for good measure.

The levels in the game is divided into 45 small-sized levels. The gameplay in FastBall 2 is quick as it is in those other games, but the level structure in this one gives you a satisfying feeling of progression.There’s almost no room for error when it comes to clearing an obstacle or a gap.

Here, you will observe as some obstacles are totally different from the others. So chances are that you might fail in a run even if you just slightly touch the air next to an pyramid-shaped obstacle. And you pickup stars along the way, but beware that you might unintentionally jump off after you touch the screen the moment you land on a star.

On the plus side, you can play the game with a futuristic theme or acartoony one, and the music is decent. OpenFeint leader boards are included and are un intrusively housed in the settings menu. You can even import friends to compare and compete through Twitter connect and Facebook connect. If you want you can share your location.

FastBall 2 is a fun way to spend a few minutes here and there. If you have a buck to spare and enjoy twitch-reaction gameplay, try it out.

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