“Faster” Facebook iPhone App Coming In July

If you have used the Facebook iOS app, perhaps you terrible.

It is slow, the navigation is nonsensical, and messages and “likes” left on the app never show up on Facebook. It is probably the worst app that you would be using in your iPhone.

The New York Times (NYT) agrees with these facts, and they have received a promise from some Facebook engineers (of course off the record), that the next version of this app will be better. It is being rebuilt in native Objective-C (the current app mostly uses HTML5), it will be faster, and it will actually work the way it is supposed to work. The next version of Facebook app will let you use Facebook as normal from your iPhone.

Let us hope that the app’s next version lives up to the expectation. Good thing is that at least of the record, Facebook admits that there is a problem.

Do you use Facebook app in your iPhone? What are your views about its performance? Share with us.

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