Final Cut Pro X Update Coming Later This Year With Multichannel Audio Editing Tools And More

Final Cut Pro X Update

Before unveiling and releasing the Final Cut Pro X (FCPX), Apple showcased some of the new features to a small group of professional videos editors. This was done in order to prepare these editors for Apple’s drastic change in their direction for professional video editing.

Those meetings were off the record. However, Last Saturday, on 15 April 2012, Apple held on-the-record meetings with some of the industry’s noted professional video editors in order to describe more new features coming to Final Cut Pro X. Video editor Larry Jordan, said that Apple has provided him some background on Final Cut Pro X’s performance thus far, and a look into the future.

One of the major changes with the initial release of Final Cut Pro X was its exclusivity to the Mac App Store. Jordan asked Apple why the App Store provides a better experience over boxed software, and Apple’s response covers security and flexibility:

I asked what the benefits were to using the Mac App Store for distribution, and was told that it provided a wider end-user license, greater distribution flexibility, and supported Apple’s focus on security through “sandboxing” applications. Apple wants customers to feel secure purchasing software through the Mac App Store.

Apple told Jordan that they have an update coming later this year with new features and enhancements. None of the new features were actually demonstrated to Jordan.

However, Apple is planning to include Multichannel Audio Editing Tools, Dual Viewers, MXF Plug-in Support, and RED camera support. Jordan said that the current audio editing tools in Final Cut Pro X were “weak” so he was “excited” to see what Apple would add to the software later this year. Dual-viewers will be an important feature that would allow video editors to easily compare two clips. Jordan described how Apple will improve MFX support:

FCP X has been able to read MXF files (think XDCAM EX), but not the native MXF wrapper that contains them. In the past, it needed to convert MXF to QuickTime. In the future, FCP X won’t need to make this conversion. Apple was quick to stress that this was not a move away from QuickTime, instead it was adding support for a common video format.

Native RED camera support will also make its way to FCPX later this year. RED Cameras shoot in a mode called “4K” mode. This is several times better than today’s 1080P HD standard. Apple did not specify a release date other than later this year.

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