Features to look out in Home-Pod using Siri language

HomePod is the one which brings innovation having a wireless speaker from Apple and can do much more with Siri on HomePod which also includes the ability to search by lyrics, set multiple timers, make and receive phone calls and much more things.

Thus it is a known fact to find that HomePod delivers the highest fidelity quality which was placed in the home providing an unmatched stereo sound with a stereo pair offering a wider and more immersive soundstage than with traditional stereo speakers. Hence it is found that HomePod works parallel in with an Apple Music who can subscribe to stream over 50 million songs directly to HomePod.

A look at HomePod from Apple

HomePod hence offers a free software update adding support for different languages such as US, Spain, and Mexico which also expands support in Canada with Canadian French.

Hence on HomePod, users can also ask Siri to:

1. Search by Lyrics: With the addition of asking Siri playing a particular song, artists or genre, now it is easy to ask Siri to play the song that goes like this….” or asks Siri to “play the song that goes ‘I’m a rebel just for kicks now’.”

2. Set by multiple timers: HomePod supports multiple named timers. Hence there is a setting, provided for a timer for the cake or another one for lasagna, or another as a reminder to dim the lights using just your voice.

3. Make and receive phone calls: Using HomePod is the one which can make conveniently receive calls for crisp and clear audio quality.

4. Find my iPhone: It is moreover to note that the popular Apple Watch feature comes to HomePod where users can ping their nearby devices in finding them.

5. Siri Shortcuts: The function of Shortcuts is to open a world of apps to work on HomePod. Hence Siri learns routines and suggests ‘Shortcuts’ on iPhone and iPad, which is accessible on HomePod. Hence personalizing shortcuts for HomePod is the one with a series of tasks which is easy with the new Shortcuts app.

6. Pricing and Availability: HomePod is available in many countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, UK, and the US and also with the availability in Mexico and Spain started on October 26. HomePod is available in two colours such as white and space grey with a retail price of $349 from Apple Stores, apple.com, along with the Apple Store app and at select Apple Authorized Resellers.

HomePod is compatible with iPhone 5s or later, iPad Air or later, iPad mini 2 or later, iPad Pro or iPad touch (6th generation). Hence one has to update the setup for the latest version of iOS.

Thus finally to conclude that according to the source which has been taken from Apple website states that like other gadgets such as Amazon Alexa and HomePod stands uniqueness in its quality of work and functions.