Feed Your Squirrel With Nuts While Playing Oh My Nuts [REVIEW]

Oh My Nuts

There are many games that remind me of Mario but I remember only those that entertain me as much as Mario did.

One such game is Oh My Nuts. This game has been created by Gara Entertainment.

In Mario, Mario jumps and collects, coins, flowers and mushrooms that would give him super-powers and increase your score.

Here in Oh My Nuts, you witness something similar. Your heroes Squirrely (squirrel) and Piggles (pig) are there for nuts. They have to collect all the nuts.

Oh My Nuts

This is an exciting and entertaining game with over 50 levels.

Squirrely enters the mouth of Piggles and Piggles acts as he is chewing. Our heroes venture through four countries.

You tap on the screen and touch the tail of the Piggles who turns into a canon and shoots Squirrely out of his mouth so that Squirely can collect the stars to get you scores and the nuts for himself. Logs are floating in the air and birds are flying to block the way of Squirely who should keep going.

Oh My Nuts

This game also remind you of popular animated TV shows of Cartoon Network where if a character falls over head, stars revolve around his eyes. Same thing happens to Squirrely when he falls on his head after colliding with a log or bird. When this happens, a cat appears on screen with an evil smile on its face. Getting hit by the birds means game over unless you decide to restart the level.

Following are the features of Oh My Nuts:

1. Retina Display that gives incredible picture quality to the game.

2. Oh My Nuts features 60 Challenging Levels and more will be added very soon.

3. Levels of this game spread across 4 unique country background: Brazil, France, Japan, and the US.

4. Oh My Nuts features smooth, vibrantly animated Cartoon Graphics that would make you feel nostalgic by taking you into the days when you always enjoyed Cartoon Network.

5. This game is addictive as you will enjoy dragging, aiming and shooting.

6. Oh My Nuts has advanced in-game Physics Engine.

7. Responsive Touch & Drag controls with trajectory aiming help you in this game.

In the new version 1.0.1 of Oh My Nuts, bugs that caused the app crashes have been fixed. Various improvement have also been carried out.

Following video gives you a good idea of the theme and entertainment value of Oh My Nuts.

Oh My Nuts

Oh My Nuts is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

This review has been written purchasing the game online from app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

Are you enjoying playing Oh My Nuts? Are you eager to see the new level that would be coming very soon? Post your comments.

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