Filamente – SharePoint Client App Review

Filamente SharePoint Client App Review

Want to share your documents on the net? Is your computer unable to understand the format of the documents you have received? Aircreek understands your problem.

Aircreek brings you a new app for your iPad which solves your problem. Introducing… Filamente SharePoint Client App Review.

This app is easy to use and you can handle your SharePoint tasks that you cannot do using your regular web browser on an iPad or iPhone.

You start with sending a document by some application like mail, using “open in” to Filamente and upload it at your site on SharePoint. You can register and put multiple Sharepoint sites and subsites.

Many times either your computer or your web-browser is unable to understand the format of your document or the script in which the web-page (document uploaded online that appears as a web-page) and thus the content becomes unaccessible to you. Here Filamente app comes to your rescue and opens all uploaded documents, irrespective of the format.You can upload documents in various formats like Powerpoint, Word, Excel, PDF, Text and Picture formats. Profile is password protected (password chosen by you). Thus, you can choose who you want to share your documents with.

Filamente’s speed is awesome. The speed makes it easy to open Filamente and load the list of your online assets. Thanks to the user manual that comes with the app, you can understand how to view the documents made on Microsoft Office Documents on Apple iPad or iPhone. The user also has the freedom to delete his SharePoint data anytime.

You can accomplish your tasks, without caring about the format of documents you are sending or receiving. You can also stop worrying about the space in your computer.

So what do you think about this App?Share your comments with us and others.

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