Fill PDF Forms And Do Many More Things Easily With PDF Connoisseur® For iPad

PDF Connoisseur®

Now, you can have some action in your business. PDF Connoisseur is here and it is the one and only PDF app you will ever need on your iPad.

PDF Connoisseur can your iPad into a powerful mobile work station for accomplishing various business tasks.

PDF Connoisseur is not Chuck Norris and it may not do everything for you. But is can certainly do many things which other apps may not do.

The important things among diverse functions of PDF Connoisseur are Save to PDF, Text-to-Speech (TTS), PDF form filling, contract signing, file transfer, annotation, file scanning, and fast rendering speed. With PDF Connoisseur, your slim and compact iPad can become a wonderful replacement for your bulky briefcase.

PDF Connoisseur®

PDF Connoisseur has been created by Taiwan-based Kdan Mobile.

Spending a lot of time in reading documents is not only time-consuming, but also harmful to your eyes. That is why, PDF Connoisseur takes care of this problem by introducing the TTS feature:

1. PDF Connoisseur has built-in voice engine reads out loudly and clearly your selected text in the language of your choice.

2. This feature would let your ears do the listening (so that there would be no need for reading) and deal with multiple tasks at the same time.

3. The app has natural sounding voice.

4. This app has the ability to adjust the TTS voice speed.

5. PDF Connoisseur supports six languages – English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

6. PDF Connoisseur has two reading modes – Read selected text or read a PDF page.

7. If you are student or a researcher, PDF Connoisseur is your exclusive language self-study tool.

8. PDF Connoisseur will take your mobile reading experience to the next level. It literally reads for you!

PDF Connoisseur®

PDF Connoisseur is your mobile file converter. With its “Save to PDF” feature, you can easily convert Word, Excel, Pages and other mainstream documents into PDF within few seconds. You can also annotate all kinds of documents.

With PDF Connoisseur, you can easily grab files from your computer, other applications in your device, and from a massive collection of cloud storage providers. PDF Connoisseur grants you the authentic mobile file management experience.

Following are the features regarding file management:

1. With PDF Connoisseur, you can sync files and online backup with iCloud.

2. Wireless transfer of files via Wi-Fi is possible with this app.

3. PDF Connoisseur would enable you to download files from any website.

4. You can upload or download files through iDisk, Dropbox, GoogleDocs,, and SugarSync.

5. FTP client support is available with this app.

6. With WebDAV client and server support available, you can work with your team.

Following are the features of PDF Connoisseur regarding the marking of document:

1. You can fill PDF forms, sign contracts or documents.

2. With PDF Connoisseur, you can send filled forms via email.

3. This app will enable you to sign documents with the freehand writing feature.

4. You can easily highlight, underline, and strikeout text.

5. With this app, you can add sticky notes to quickly jot down comments, questions, or feedback.

6. In PDF Connoisseur, you can type on PDFs as if you are typing a word comment or text file document because Typewriter text boxes are supported in this app.

7. You can keep annotations as a reference for later use.

8. You can download forms, contracts, and important documents through the built-in browser.

PDF Connoisseur®

After describing TTS and marking features, following are some other helpful features of PDF Connoisseur:

1. PDF Connoisseur has Passcode protection. This guarantees security for all your files.

2. PDF Connoisseur has support for all mainstream file formats.

3. With the amazing rendering speed, you can scroll through pages with no lags even when you are viewing larger files.

4. You can view PDFs under the pure text mode.

5. You can extract text directly from PDFs.

6. It is easy to bookmark, outline, and create thumbnails for information you wish to have instant access to as per your requirement.

7. It is easy to copy, paste, move and rename files.

8. You can easily search through full text.

9. You can look up selected text in the built-in dictionary. Or you can also search it on Google and Wikipedia.

10. Zip and RAR file formats are also supported in this app.

11. The online editing of GoogleDocs is possible.

In the new Version 1.2 of PDF Connoisseur following are some new features in PDF Connoisseur:

1. New iPad Compatibility:
The new version of PDF Connoisseur is compatible with the retina display of New iPad and has augmented rendering speed. It has enhanced stability of file viewing performances.

2. Updated PDF Annotation tools:
The new version has annotation display and you can easily adjust the size and shape of freehand-hand drawings. Black tray has been added in color palette.

3. More Intuitive File Viewer and Manager:
You can easily open, view and close your files and the update version will perform all tasks swiftly. The new version supports various PDF formats and you can print even encrypted PDF documents.

4. You can retrieve the password of your private folder via Email.

5. You have the option to download required TTS languages.

6. Lastly, Wi-Fi connection issue has been fixed with the new update.

This review has been written after obtaining PDF Connoisseur for app store via gift-card and the app has been used on an iPad.

What would you like to say about using PDF Connoisseur? Do you find it useful? What is your feedback? Share it with us.

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