Find A Girlfriend With MyBestChoice (Male) [Review and Giveaway]

MyBestChoice (Male)

People love find companions from opposite sex one way or the other. Some people look for love, some look for friendship or a live-in relationship and some look for someone to have sex with. Do you ever wonder about such questions in your mind?

If yes, then here is an app from ArtSen to answer many questions related to love and relationship. ArtSen Media comprise of team of coding specialists who always wish bring technical innovations. MyBestChoice (Male) can help you make the right choice. The choice would be based upon your personal preferences and a some math.

MyBestChoice (Male)

Just imagine that you want a perfect partner for a corporate dinner. You select five basic criteria and assign the importance in percentage, total of 100%, e.g Intelligence, Humour and Style – 25 % each, Appearance – 20%, and the remaining 5% – Status.

Now you need to enter the names of the candidates (up to ten) and rate each one of them according to specified criteria. When you press the key button and voila, the application processes the data and offers you a list of Top Candidates awarded with gold, silver, bronze or wooden cup. If you do not want to choose, you can do it for one person and see the outcome. Candidate with gold cup is the best and hosting the candidate with the wooden cup would not be a good idea for you.

This application can be a good adviser. It helps you in choosing a business partner, a partner for romance or friendship, or suggest who you can spend fun and exciting time with.I want to make it clear to my readers that the results of calculations should NOT be treated as a 100% guide to action. They are suggestions and should be taken as a suggestion or recommendation only. The more accurate date you enter as input, the better final results will be because one reaps as he sows.

New features of Version 1.1:
1. Bugs have been fixed.
2. New version supports iOS 5.

MyBestChoice (Male) is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or later version.

Something for females as well:
Women and girls reading this review need not feel left out. ArtSen has something for you as well. Another version of this app called MyBestChoice (Female) can answer the question in the mind of women and help them find their prince charming.

So are you ready to find your perfect match/girlfriend/life-partner or whatever you want to call her? How did this app help you? Tell us in the comments section.

Click here to buy and download MyBestChoice (Male).

This week we are giving away some promo codes for this app. Hope you enjoy using this app and have a happy romantic life in the new year.


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