Find Candy For Panda With Where’s My Candy® [REVIEW]

Where's My Candy®

When we see pictures of a panda, we see the panda eating bamboos, very often. A promo of Cartoon Network also showed a Panda eating a bamboo that was colored like a chess board.

However, today I played a game where the hero is a Panda who is not interested in eating bamboos. What this panda enjoys eating most is a candy.

Where's My Candy®

In the game Where’s My Candy®, the panda runs and eats all the candies that get in his way. This may sound similar to Mario but Where’s My Candy® is not that type of game.

This game has been created by Zhangming Ltd.

The story of this game is amusing. Joy is a cute panda who live in Bamboo Village. However, as mentioned earlier, he prefers to eat candy rather than bamboo. Enter a mysterious villain! One day, someone has stolen Joy’s candy away.

Suddenly, Joy turns into Dragon Warriors with magic power to look for candies. You have to guide Joy to find candies in Classic, Dragon Warrior, Invincible and Ghost four control modes. While on his way, Joy will chomp all of the candies to achieve the next stage.

Where's My Candy®

You can earn stars to go for high scores and high levels! You can dodge pesky spiders that get in your way by calling puppets to weaken spiders and eat candies up!

Joy will keep on eating the candies and some candies that look similar to lolly-pop in appearance, will also give Joy, a shape-shifting power. I played this game in classic mode.

Following are the features of Where’s My Candy®:

1. Where’s My Candy® has four main characters with different super powers, plus the ability to call puppets. You can chose the mode and the powers available in that mode will be given to Joy.

2. In this game, there are tons of interesting props that can change everything in an instance.

Where's My Candy®

3. The unique items collected though out the game will enhance the fun element in the game.

4. This game fascinating styles of level designs that are full of challenges.

5. This game remains entertaining due to many levels of achievements challenging your luck and strength.

6. Where’s My Candy® has adorable and beautiful graphics. This game is easy to operate.

Where’s My Candy® is such an easy game that children as well as adults can play this game with ease.

Following video is a trailer of Where’s My Candy®:

Where’s My Candy® is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It requires iOS 3.2 or later version.

In the new version 1.0.1 of this game, data has been expanded and more bugs have been fixed.

This review has been written after obtaining Where’s My Candy® from the app store and the game has been played on an iPod.

Did you enjoy this game? In which mode, did you enjoy this game most? Post your comments.

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