Find My iPhone App Finds Drugs And Ammunitions

Find My iPhone Drugs Ammunitions

Earlier this week Marietta Police made a big catch. This could become possible because of an iPhone and an iPhone app.

Police caught large narcotics bust at the Autumn View Apartments on Franklin Road outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

A guest in a nearby hotel reported his iPhone stolen. With permission, police used the “Find My iPhone App” to locate the man’s phone. Officers tracked the stolen iPhone to a nearby apartment complex. Once there, “the smell of pot led officers to one unit.”

A search warrant turned up the drugs and weapons which include 1,100 grams of marijuana, what appears to be an AK-47 or a similar assault rifle, five handguns (three of them stolen), some cash and dozens of Oxycodone tablets. Officers made several arrests. They also caught hold of one suspect who was trying to jump off an upper balcony.

Nobody would have ever imagined an Apple’s app for finding iPhone would turn into a “Find Drugs, Guns, and Money” app for police.

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Source: Modmyi

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