Firefighter’s iPhone 4 Catches Fire

iPhone 4 fire

Johnny Storm from the Marvel Comics’ Fantastic Four has a new competitor. And that competitor gets fire on the body without chanting “Flame On”.

The name of the competitor is iPhone 4.

Surprised? Let us refresh you memory a little bit. Few months ago, there were reports of iPhone 4 catching fire in Australia and Brazil.

This time the incident took place in USA, the home-country of iPhone 4.

A fire department located in the town of East Brandywine, Pennsylvania published a report on their blog according to which, the iPhone 4 of a firefighter caught fire while put on charge. It is still not known what is causing fire in iPhone 4.

Such news must be burning the heart of Apple, more than Samsung and Motorola do.

Apple is yet to comment and address this issue.

Source: iDownload Blog

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